A true visionary has gone to his eternal home

It’s true that it is not the years of life but the life in your years that truly counts. Steve Job at 56 had a lot of life in his years, one would say too much for only 56 years. He has made his mark, he has made this world a more beautiful, exciting and wonderful place than how he found it. Who is it out there could say that his wonderful genius did not affect their lives?

Steve Job’s creative genius has reached the nth of the globe. He has turned technology into a fun thing; he has disarmed its mystique and made it accessible for the least technology-inclined on the planet. Thank you, thank you, thank you Steve on behalf of all of mankind.

Yours was a life to be modelled for in all your greatness, you remained small deliberately. You did not take yourself so seriously but saw your work as a pleasant past time.  Your humility stayed with you to the end. Yes, you too had your crutches, some say you were a micromanager, a hands-on guy and why not? You had a vision and who best can translate that vision but you? I take all of it, your warts and all because you have triumphed for mankind in a good way.

From humble beginnings you’ve taught that education can be found outside the hallowed halls of lectures, stories and books by dead men, that you can create knowledge from what is there in the environment, that you can piece together your own educational story.  You did it beautifully.

I will miss you, the infrequent times you pop out of your creative bubble to converse with the world about something new you found in your play. Everyone listened and pay rapt attention because we know when we see the shadow of the groundhog something is happening.

Your presence in this material world was a joy and excitement for many, I am sure and we all wish you an enthusiastic bon voyage as you take your flight into more exciting times.


Although undetectable by physical instruments, the soul shows itself through the qualities of character that we associate with each person. The soul is the focal point for love and compassion, for faith and courage, and for other such “human” qualities that cannot be explained solely by thinking of a human being as an animal or as a sophisticated organic machine.

The soul does not die; it endures everlastingly. When the human body dies, the soul is freed from ties with the physical body and the surrounding physical world and begins its progress through the spiritual world. Bahá’ís understand the spiritual world to be a timeless and placeless extension of our own universe–and not some physically remote or removed place.

Entry into the next life has the potential to bring great joy. Bahá’u’lláh likened death to the process of birth. He explains: “The world beyond is as different from this world as this world is different from that of the child while still in the womb of its mother.” (Bahai Faith)

Read the official story of the life of Steve Job



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