Are universities dumbing us down?

Here’s a guy with a bright idea to cut the number of universities in Britain because it appears everyone wants that ivy league university paper and no-one wants to learn real skills. What will the world be like without people who have skills in actually doing things.  Weren’t there engineers, doctors, lawyers before we had universities. Maybe we need to return to the apprenticeship era where people actually learn on the jobs. Many come out of universities and still are dumber than anything at least dumber than those who attended the University of life itself. I think this is an old fresh idea worth something.  There are educational institutions costing big bucks to do the simplest thing on the planet – how to wait on tables, how to be a cleaner on a train – skills that people can pick up easily on the job you have to go to school for. Schooling is one of the biggest rip off. This needs to be fixed. It is costing people too much and excluding smart people from good jobs.

“You put the dentists and the doctors and the accountants in the vocational colleges and I think that would deal with the class issue,” said Lord Glasman….


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