The X Factor Premiere



The X Factor Team - Cheryl Cole, Simon Cowel, Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid and Steve Jones

Well what do you think? The long anticipated X factor with Simon Cowell is finally here and Paula Abdul is back in the judge’s seat.  I loved it. I had some good laughs and loved to watch Simon contort his face and rolls his eye when someone really bad shows up. There were some healthy banter between Simon and Mr. L.A. Reid.  It’s like the “gentleman”  Mr. L.A. Reid and Simon would provide some great side-shows for the show.

Even though according to the critics the show did not garner as many viewers as had expected, I would not worry about that. I do not think many people diarize these things and it might be that people did not clue in to the fact that the show has started,  but once they do, the audience will be there.

What always astounds me is the amount of talent in America. There were some really, really talented people on the show. How can all these people be “stars”unfortunately not all can become the superstars but they are all stars in their own right. I loved the 42-year-old woman’s story who was written off as “has been, – too old” excuse me Ms Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul, but she was almost as good as Aretha singing “Natural Woman.” Girl you are great and don’t let anyone tell you differently.  Then there was this guy who was battling drug addiction and was clean for only 70 days. He sang a song he had written and produced – best song of the night. He has the most angelic voice. I loved his story and determination.  I’m praying for you man, stick to the program, there is a future for you in music. The young girl who opened the show was sassy, smart and talented. She’s hoping to win and help out her family because she said they have no money. She was sweet.

Of course, it’s open audition and you’ll have some shocker and there was one in particular who stood out. The guy who exposed himself during the audition on stage and shattered poor Paula and Nicole’s innocence. Paula left the stage choking and coughing I thought she would pass out or was it all for dramatic effect!  It worked.

All in all I thought it was a great show and great entertainment. Can’t wait for next Wednesday.


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