Tropical Jungle has many Deady Preys


THIS enormous 18ft anaconda was successfully captured by a team of daring biologists -during a tropical rainforest exploration.

Niall McCann, a 29-year-old biologist from Cardiff, pounced on the slithering jungle giant when he happened across it on a bank of the Rewa River in Guyana.

  Read the story:

 Here’s  a comment about the anaconda:

As a herpetologist myself and seeing these kind of things all the time, the quote ‘They squeeze their prey to death before swallowing it whole and have been known to attack jaguars and humans’ is used purely to gain a reaction like yours. …”the reason why they should not go near the thing!”

 Reptiles, especially snakes, get horrendous press. A corn snake (yes those little things that everyone has) also squeeze their prey to death and swallow it whole! Almost all non-venomous snakes are constrictors, not just the boa as many believe.

I have a 15ft Burmese python as a pet, I also have 4 others ranging from hatchlings up and a variety of other snakes and lizards, and I’ve had a few bites but I’ve never had one try to ‘attack’ me!  It has also been scientifically proven that a snake cannot eat an average sized human as they cannot get over the shoulders.

They also have the correct amount of people for the handling of this snake per foot so actually….they are doing everything they should be doing for safety in order to research these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat!


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