This and That

Computer genius Steve Job, 56, has stepped down from his well earned position of CEO of Apple, the company he founded. Like a Midas, anything Job touched turned to gold. He did so because he loved his work. He urged people to love what they do and do what they love and that is what brings success and fulfillment.

It is speculated that Job who has battled pancreatic cancer since 2004 might be facing another uphill health battle again. We wish his speedy recovery.

“I have always said that if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s C.E.O., I would be the first to let you know,” Mr. Jobs said in a letter released by the company. “Unfortunately, that day has come.”


Woman in her Prime Struck with Dementia

Pat Summit the highly decorated basketball coach at  revealed her diagnosis of early Alzheimer’s disease to the shock of many of those around her. For one thing, at 59 people are not supposed to suffer from dementia – that’s an old people disease but obviously it is not the case.

There are many young people suffering from this disease that threatens the largest group of people – the baby boomers. Something needs to be done about it now. More research dollars need to be spent to see how best society can manage this disease and have people functioning better in their later years.  The told this could take on health care systems across the world could be crippling. So let’s get on board and start raising needed dollars for the study of Alzheimers with a view to finding a cure or a humane way to live with the disease.



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