Hot Hot in the Press Kettle

Mourners placing wreath
Norway Terrorist Attack -Manifestation of Racism

My heart goes out to all the parents, family and Friends who have been personally been touched by this tragedy. It is a tragedy  which touched us all. Only those without access to the internet, radio, TV or nwspaper can escape this news.

From the  preliminary findings, this young man has allowed hatred to take over his  heart.  Hatred like a cancer has become  his master and he is no longer in control
The irony of this case is that Anders
did not kill any of the people he hate but those who love others in  a way he did not approve of. He killed
members of the Labour party which espouse a more humanitarian policy.  In this way he is giving notice that it is
his way or the highway. This is the nature of extremists.  Imagine if such people get into power –
everyone will suffer.

The lesson in this is for parents and society to  teach about the oneness of mankind unity and there are not superior race. We
are all people who have a right to inherit the earth. For crying out loud, we’re in a ball in the sky, spinning on its axis, hurling through space at dizzying  speed and if it stops we’re going to hurl against one another and evaporate.  Let us see we are all connected.  Children are born without  feelings of hatred life makes them into monsters sometimes because they happen to fall into the  wrong caretakers who feed them that they are  separate, better than and deserves more than others. We cannot return to our cocoon of ignorance, the world is one  country and it is a multicultural,  multiracial, pluralistic country and we will encounter each other so let’s get over ourselves and try to make the best of it.
We have to teach our children resilience, i.e. being able to live with  challenges and to thrive in spite of it. Teach children to love, to be tolerant
of each other and to accept people and judge them on the basis of their  character and not based on colour, religion or race.

A Beautiful Soul has left us

Amy WInehouse

Condolences go out to Amy Winehouse 27 year old who
died yesterday in London. She had a spectacular but brief career by our human standard.
She has gone the way of other talented, unique musicians like Jimmy Hendricks,
Brian Jones, Janis Joplin Jim Morrison, Kurt Korbain who all died at age 27.

They seem to be intended her for a brief period to astonish  and excite mankind for a brief period and then jump back on the infinity train  to their next destination out of this world.

In her brief career she had more than her media  share but whatever she did her voice remained a pure part of her.  Well unfortunately we do not have  binoculars to allow us to see where the spirits of these people go to but I am sure Amy  Winehouse is in a better place. She just did not fit into this world and so she  did everything she could to leave but not without leaving us the gift of her  voice to remember her by. Thanks Amy and may you continue to soar in the other  worlds of God.

JLO and Mark Anthony Living in Splitsvile It’s sad  that after 7 years this couple which appeared at first like the dream couple
now stands apart.  What happened here?
JLO and Mark appeared to have it all, love; a couple of beautiful children and  a life worthy of envy and it’s all gone.
Well we do not know all that has gone on in this marriage but if I am to  take a guess that Mark found another girl. He left his wife for JLO and so he
could do it again.  All I can say is that  I wish they would reconsider.  Some  marriages are worth saving and I hope this one is one of those.

Changes are a coming at Glee Club

Several cast members will not be returning to this

Amber Riley

successful show. They are graduating. One of them is Amber Lee.  Will the show be the same without this
original cast? Or is this the beginning of the end of a wonderful run of a most  unlikely show.

Ryan Murphy dropped  a bombshell when he announced that Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer would not be returning for the hit show’s fourth season. Now, Amber Riley says  her character might also graduate after this season.

Evolution of Charlie’s  Angels

A fresh new batch  of hot diverse girls is going to try to replicate the original stars of this  successful franchise.  Good luck

New Charlie’s  Angels stars Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh and Rachael  Taylor have, in some cases, done their homework when it comes to
filling the high heels worn by their predecessors as the Miami-set reboot  inches closer to its September premiere date.

Wedding Lottery Winners

Hundreds of  same-sex couples rushed to New York to legally commit to each other as soon as the law was sanctioned and I don’t blame them, better get it before someone changes their mind. It was touching to see the oldest lesbian couples marrying  after many years living together. It was a happy day and whether you believe in same-sex relationship or not, it is not our place to dictate this sort of  thing. I wish heterosexual couples will be so enthusiastic about getting hitched.
Many try to weasel their way out it either before or soon after.   I think the heterosexuals should leave  marrying to Gays they might make something good out of it. As far as heteros go  it’s I do until you tick me off and then I’m out of here. Marriage, let’s face
it is a big economic joke on people. No one takes all this stuff seriously or else there would not be so many divorces.
When will we get it if we are going to go down the altar and sign off on marriage you have to know that no human being is perfect and if you cannot
accept imperfections?

Marriage may not before you.  That electricity you feel running up and down your spine when you first see someone is not love but lust
or some other thing, love is like a seed it grows and blossoms with time.

So good on the same sex people who opt for marriage, maybe you could show the heteros how to do it

Canada’s Opposition
party leader, Jack Layton is battling cancer again. Layton announced he will
take a leave of absence and in a surprise move Layton recommended a rookie MP from
Quebec Nycole Turmel to replace him while he takes care of his health.

Layton is a fighter  and if anyone can beat this by sheer will it is him and we wish him the best in
his recovery.  Layton has taken the NDP Party where no leader has taken it before. He is a fighter.

Allan Guei, 18, was a star basketball player at Compton High School in the
Los Angeles area before he graduated last month. He also had a GPA above 3.0,
and his good grades made him eligible for an unusual competition: A free-throw
contest in the Compton High gymnasium. The top prize: $40,000 in scholarship

Guei, whose parents immigrated to the United States from the Ivory Coast,
knew how much that financial aid could mean for his family. So he was feeling a
fair share of pressure as students and teachers crushed into the gym to watch
Guei and seven other randomly selected, academically successful students make
foul shots.

Guei won the free-throw contest by one basket and netted the $40,000. But  it’s what he did next that’s truly astonishing.

Thanks to the internet and new technology, Maria  Aragon of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada (Prairie town) has landed a two record
deal contract in the Philippines. We don’t know how much the contract is worth
but likely not much but Maria is cashing in on her growing popularity and hope
to catch the eye of a big record deal in the USA or North America. There might
be another Justin Bieber type in the
making who is now into making his own fragrance. How much money is enough for a
16-year-old. I often wonder if singing doesn’t pay enough that to make ends
meet an entertainer has to have side jobs like fragrance, toys and a heck of a
lot of knick knacks to scrape every cent from their fans pocket. At what point
is that greed eh?


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