Marathon of Hope Key Light has dimmed today

Betty Fox  died and the world mourns her loss.  A star has dimmed its light.

She was the tireless mother  who kept the memory of her  legendary son, Terry Fox,  alive with her passionate mission to raise funds in his name to beat  cancer . She was the force  and the face behind The annual Terry Fox run.  Terry Fox was untimely and heroically struck down by cancer, but  continues to inspire  people all over the world with hope that cancer will and can be beaten.

Betty and her other son, Darrell, set up and ran the Terry Fox Foundation following his death, raising more than $550 million for cancer research in 28 countries through the foundation’s annual Terry Fox Runs. The first run was held on Sept. 13, 1981.

It is admirable the way Betty turned her grief of losing a son into a money-making machine for a great cause.  Her passion could only rival her deep love for the son she lost, something a parent can never forget but Betty used that sorrow to fuel her cause. Thank you Betty for all you have done to make the world a better place and it is better because you were in it.

May her soul rest in peace. God knows, she has earned her rest.


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