Hugh Hefner is certainly delusional

Did he really think that a hot girl – a play mate – would settle for him? His money yes. He does not come with the money.  His playmate probably thinks he ought to be paying her big bucks just to look at her.  It is sad that a seemingly once  powerful man as Hugh Hefner could not find himself a nice younger 70 something year old woman and settle into his new stage of life. What’s wrong with dating a woman his own age. She would appreciate him. If I were the mother of that 25-year-old, I’d tell her she needs to get her head examined. Well Mr. Hefner, I can’t say I am sorry for you, but I do pity men with money who believe that their money can make up for what they lack – sometimes it can, but you are stretching it a tad too much. Wake up and see the sunrise, there is time for youth and there is time to grow old and generous. Give all that money away to charity.  The people you help will remember you long after you’re gone, not your playmates. They will just be laughing at what an old fool you were. Good luck, keep on trucking papa – just give time to your grandchildren I hear it is much more rewarding that raising children and lots a fun because once a man twice a child and you’d be right there connecting with them.


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