Visitors of Ghana – Be Warned

(submitted by Anonymous writer)

When I went to Ghana, they had a sign at the airport deterring sexual deviants.  Perhaps Haiti should have one too? See below


So, JFK to Accra, Ghana enroute to Liberia.  Exit the plane, going through immigration and lo and behold, what do I see.  The most polite sign ever warning off pedophiles and sexual deviants. 


Didn’t have my camera handy, but knew – just KNEW – somebody would have already put it up on the internets.  Via Liberia Stories: A Welcome Sign

And you know, it’s kind of funny – for being just so unusual – until it’s not.  First, the fact that this kind of sign is needed at all is really kind of disturbing.  And second, when you know that in Ghana “sexual deviants” is illegal and punishable by jail time, it changes the perspective.


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