Weiner is on the roast today

Why do smart people do such dumb things. A man with so much to lose threw it all away for some frolics with prostitutes and other women on the world-wide web? isn’t he sophisticated enough to know that the internet does not offer a foolproof blanket of anonymity? Why would some people do these things that bring them disrepute not only to themselves but their family and friends.

There seems to be an epidemic of seemingly upright American men breaking loose. Did these men grew up in such strict and stifling circumstances that they can’t help being the “bad boy” now.  Were they abused and so their sense of sexuality is skewed and they have to do these outrageous acts to prove their manhood or something. I don’t get it.  It is appalling and at the same time amusing too. Maybe America should stop being a country where religion and politics appear to be wrapped up in the same cloth and people are asked to live up to some other person’s idea of morality and decency.  America is free but in fundamental ways – personal freedom – it is not. There are too many laws that looks like religious laws that force people to keep on the straight and narrow if they want to succeed. 

I don’t know what kind of water these people are drinking but something’s up in the halls of politics in America. Leaders are exposing their feet of clay. That they are no better than the average joe, the only different is that one has a lot of money and power and the other does not.

Mr. Weiner has hurt a lot of people by his actions, he has disappointed those whose expectations of him were higher than he had for himself and most of all he must be disappointed in himself for being caught  red-handed he’s probably saying “how could I let myself be caught in this mess, I have to be more careful next time.” Hey he had his moment in the son, he’s been his bad boy and roasted himself. Okay, let the man get on with his business. I am sure he would never be caught again in this way.



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