Dark Skinned Girls

How dark skin girls are looked at  – it’s the kind of thing that researchers like Mr. Satoshi Kanazawa writes about to reinforce Black women’s sense of inferiority.  Black women, be careful what you read. Anything that makes you less than toss it out. You have to feel your beauty from the inside out. It’s time to come  out of the shadows of the twilight land and claim your space in this world. The Beauty that stupid black men talk about when they talk about light skin girls and not liking black skin girls – is what the dominant culture planted in their heads, what the media tell them to believe and they do. Black men also want their blonde blue-eyed women and if they can’t get that ideal they will find a light-skinned woman. Pity, how sad. Maybe it is time to revive Malcolm X anthem, we have to say it, we have to wear it and we have to act it: Black is Beautiful and you know it.

Check out what black women say on the topic in this documentary pre-view:



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