Hail to the little giant gone too soon

Becca, Tynisha and Maiko at the Pyramid

Gil Scott Heron passed on at the age of 62. The forerunner of the rap music he influenced a lot of younger musicians and wasa  fave of many older folks. He was real and down to earth and sang about things that mattered to common folks. In a way he was like Bob Marley who brought music to our mothers and grandmothers and make then stop and listen.

Maiko Watson said she is saddened by his passing as he was one of her living legendary idols, someone who influenced her music a great deal.  He will be missed in many circles. To his credit, he has left a mark on this planet to let others who follow know that such a man existed.

Thanks man and may your soul rest in peace.

Enough (excerpt)

it was not enough that we were bought and brought to this home as the slave, locked in the bowels of a floating shithouse, watching those we love eaten away by plauge and insanity, flesh falling like strips of bark from a termite-infested tree, bones rotting turning first to brittle ivory then to resin.
that was not enough..

Gill Scot Heron




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