I’m sorry Lauryn Hill but that Winnipeg Show sucked

It sucked for many reasons

Concert started at 8:00 p.m. the star did not show up until around 11:30 p.m. – Excuse me some of us work for a living

The Winnipeg act Flosoul was way too short. She should have had 45 minutes on stage. Instead we had to suffer through  almost a boring hour of  the Marching Band from Louisiana, then the DJ from God knows where then another band and after a lot of talking heads revving up the crowd  Lauryn Hill who’s coming on but not.  I did not go there for a variety show in which all the talents sounded the same. It’s all about beats – how varied can beats be. Even Lauryn Hill beats were monotonous and boring. I know she has a tremendous voice but that was lost over the boom. 

Flo was classy. She respected her audience, dressed for the part and she delivered and delivered well. It was the saving grace for me.  It was a disappointment for me. A few people around me even left before she even got to the stage. I think the organizers were patroniing to Winnippeggers. They think we’re stupid. Lauryn Hill probably was not even in the building. They were just stretching time out, frustrating many in the audience with excuses before they tell the truth that she is late. They said she was under the weather but she will be there. That concert was way too expensive for what was delivered.  Winnipeggers got no respect. That’s just the way I see it.


4 comments on “I’m sorry Lauryn Hill but that Winnipeg Show sucked

  1. guest says:

    you sound like a spoiled child. for one night you can’t be out past your bedtime? you must not go to a lot of shows (especially not hip hop shows). in rap, the party doesnt start before 11 my dear. and lauryn hill can do whatever she wants.
    and the fact that you are praising flo’s boring, terrible sounding set, shows you lack all credibility. can you say “style over substance”?

    and you should feel lucky that that marching band played. it’s not a variety show, it’s putting you on to something you’re obviously too shallow to appreciate on your own..

    i’m sorry you didnt enjoy yourself though. but yo, she told you herself
    “my emancipation don’t fit your equation…”

    ms. hill killed it.

  2. Leguanite says:

    Obviously we had a different understanding of the show. I was going to a concert not a big teenage hip hop party. Ms Hill should respect her fans. Some people are sycophants as far as stars are concerned. They are star struck and wouldn’t know if they were kicked in the teeth. You guys suck up, such pretenders. Yes, I don’t go to many shows but I decided on this one because I had certain expectations but she’s lost me. The concert started at 8:00 if I knew she’d be on till past 11:00 I’d stay home and sleep thet up and go at around 10:45. Maybe you feel lucky about marching band, that.s not my interst or taste in music. If I want to hear that kind of music I’d go to Steve Kirby’s show. Do you know who that is? Do you know what happens to musicians who’re arrogant? They fall, so Ms Hill better start paying attention to her fans, show some respect for the people who’s got her where she is. There were many people sitting next to me who left even before she came on. So you have your opinion and I have mine and it stands. In my opinion all hip hop beats sounds similar and while I like it sometimes, I can’t take a whole evening of this, sorry. It’s not nice of you to put down Flo because I spoke my truth about Lauryn Hill. Flo was excellent.
    You’re right I am not a music scholar but I am sure of what I like, I am sure of what sounds good in my ear and that’s my meter. I don’t like something because it is popular or cool. She sure killed it for me and a lot of other people too, I can tell you that. That’s too bad because I like Ms Hill but certainly not that behaviour. Maybe it’s Caribbean time but this is Canada, we have move iin Candian time yo!

  3. guest says:

    who are some musical acts that you would recommend in winnipeg?
    this is not a trap. i’m just curious as to what gets your approval.

  4. Leguanite says:

    First of all while I may not appreciate the type of music that Lauryn Hill now embraces, that’s not the real source of my disappointment. I realize it must be an age thing. My point is that she did not show any respect for her fans. She’s gotten flack for her unreasonable late arrival at these shows in New York, Toronto and Edmonton, so what gives? She probably could have had a bigger audience if her reviews were great but they’re not. I was mad that she wasted my evening like that. For me it did not worth the weight. I’d like to see singers like Jennifer Hudson, MJ Blige, Usher, Taylor Swift, JLo etc. These are the kind of singers I would enjoy. I wish that these singers don’t do us a favour and bring on a whole bunch of nonedescript musicians, we didn’t pay to hear others, we paid to hear the star and the one opening act. I love to listen to some hip hop but I can’t stand 5 hours of it. That’s just who I am.

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