Oprah’s Classy goodbye

Oprah Last Wave on the OWShow

Oprah’s simple but profound last conversation with her audience was touching, classy and ranks at the top echelons of any speech I have heard in my life and I have heard many.  It’s as if you could see her heart. Hr heart was open wide and love poured out in genuine measure. What a woman, what a human being. Truly someone touched by an angel with a message for mankind.

Oprah shared many profound lessons she has learned over the years from many of the teachers who appeared on her show. Her message to her audience worldwide was to waste no more time but to find their dharma, find their calling because each one of us came her to do something. She said it did not have to be flashy, popular or of celebrity status. It could be anything from taking care of sick animals to feeding the poor. It is what you can’t help doing with all of your heart and enjoying every minute of it.

One thing that stood out for me which I will take from everything she said last evening was that I am responsible for the energy in bring into a space, a room, a building or anywhere. We are responsible for the energy we bring and everything on the planet has energy. What a powerful lesson for us all.



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