Satoshi Kanazawa posted in Psychology Today: “Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?”

Sastosh ,kanazawa

Why is the gaze so intent on Black women when it comes to putting Black women down? While the gaze on white women is for their beauty  for black women it’s the opposite. The other types of women rarely come into question but lumped somewhere in between but black women are constantly targeted for negative publicity. Is it because they are so darn successful in spite of the odds? Is it because Oprah Winfrey has risen on her own “balls” to become one of the most influential people in the world? What gives here with the likes of Kanazawa to do a research on Black women?  What motivated him to do so? Did a black woman scorn him and so he must get back at her kind? Did black women outsmart him in some way? Who benefits from this drivel disguised as research? Who cares who think that black women are not beautiful?  Black women have grown up on this stuff. It’s nothing new and YET WE RISE.  Black women no longer need the approval of any kind of men who want to make themselves God to set standards of beauty. This is why the West has lost it’s place in the world. They are concerned with trivial matters rather than what really matters. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder not some white man in pin striped suit with lots of money who this man is mimicing.

    Can’t this learned professor see how racism plays into identities, identifiers and judgers or did he buy his degree as so many have done?

    I am not sure if this man is of Asian descent but he looks the part. Perhaps his talents might be better served in trying to figure out why so many Asian women appear to prefer White men to Asian men?  Why are these women running away from  Asian men?  In other words get out of Black women’s  business and psyche which no biased research method is going to shed light upon.  The Black women’s psyche is complicated and Mr. Kanazawa you can read all the books you want, observe who dates black women or not and still you will not understand. If black women have more testosterone it is because she was turned into an animal by European slave drivers  and the body develops mechanisms to survive. What’s wrong with a woman looking strong and tough? Who says that women should act and look inimical and foolish? Where did this idea originate? These are all memes – viruses of the mind which this researcher is full of.

     Sure airbrushed white and black women look great on TV and movie screens but many of those same people when seen with the naked eyes are just ordinary women, like you would find in your corner grocery store. To a timid, fragile man a black woman may appear overwhelming because she has a mouth and she speaks and she fights back to defend herself. If these things make black women ugly, good on them, more power to black women.

      European colonials have done a lot of keep black women dark and dumb, feeling less than and in their place but as the saying goes, you can keep a good woman down.

    Is it a coincidence that of all the non-black men who find Black women most attractive white men tops the list? Perhaps it’s because white men are more confident than other men and they benefit from white privilege which other men don’t and they go after a challenge. This is all so stupid.

  According to Alternet writers  

Kanazawa’s article is nothing more than a vile regurgitation of racist and sexist beliefs about black women disguised as “objective” and “scientific” research findings, and contributes to a historical legacy of using distorted “science” as a tool to justify violent ideas about and treatment of black women. Kanazawa has a history of writing biased and error-ridden articles that attempt to justify racist beliefs. Other scientists have discredited his research and his legitimacy as a social scientist has been called into question. That Psychology Today publishes Kanazawa’s often problematic articles casts serious doubt about the trustworthiness of their publications as well as the rigor of their editorial process.




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