Hot in the Press Kettle May 2011

It’s Idoling time again – We’re getting our Teenage Idols for real

I’ betting on the country  Scotty McCreery 17, sensation to win this round.  I think he’s not only talented but he’s fresh and cute.  I however believe that  Lauren  is a great second choice. It’s all about the votes. I think the American Idol stands to have a real outstanding winner with the country singer. We know America is a country singing country and they’ll support the album and it’ll be a win win situation all round. They’ve had some outstanding talents this round and good luck to the top-10 and all those who competed. Just go on and do your thing. Let Ms Jennifer Hudson inspire you with her non-win success.

Teenagers Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery were still absorbing their status as American Idol’s top two when USA TODAY’s Bill Keveney spoke to them exclusively moments after Thursday’s results show.

“I felt like I was going to pass out,” 16-year-old Alaina said. “I was crossing my fingers and praying (host Ryan Seacrest) was going to call out my name. I feel so blessed to be here, I cannot believe it.” (USA Today)

Scotty, 17, thought of his whole Idol experience.

“I had so many emotions going through my head. There have been so many thoughts coming through my head this whole competition. It’s just been a crazy ride,” he said. “All those memories of the first audition and thinking I was getting cut in Hollywood Week, all those memories were just flying through my head. It was a wild moment.”

Goodbyeeee Oprah – We love you Oprah, We will miss you Oprah Oprah, Oprah Oprah Why

It’s been a tearful, long good bye. Oprah has prepared us for her depaprture while pointing us to her new incarnation on OWN. It’s just not the same because she will not be there in our living rooms, speaking to us, inspiring us and making us jealous that we are not part of her studio audience to get some of those goodies she gives away. Most us however, try to be happy for those who get the chance. Oprah without doubt will be remembered long after she leaves this physical reality. She has taken us, she has gone where few have gone before and she is indeed a blessing to this world. Thank God she had a hard beginning to be able to use that knowledge to craft her show to make it relevant and meaningful to people. from darkness comes light. she was  and is a light in this world. I hope her next phase or part of her journey will take us to greater heights. We don’t know yet what the Universal Spirit has in store for her and the message it has to yet deliver through her. God bless you Oprah and may you live long and continue to serve humanity in the way you know how.  Thank you.

Puzzling research Findings

I have to scratch my head when I read a research finding especially from a reputable institution with results that states the more coffee you drink the less likely you are to develop prostate cancer. Okay you may not develop prostate cancer anyhow whether you drink coffee or not or you may not develop prostate cancer but what other cancer you may develop as a result of drinking too much coffee. Will I be more likely to develop hypertension, diabetes, stomach or throat cancer.. what? By the time this research comes out I will be dead because it takes a long time. Now I am sure some people will run out and start downing coffee like crazy.

Who is benefitting from these kinds of research? I have to ask myself was there a decrease in coffee consumption and this is just a boost to get us on track again. Who benefits? This is what we have to ask ourselves when research findings are pointing us in a rather unhealthy direction, in my opinion. Who’s paying for this research?

Follow Maiko Watson on Twitter and Facebook – she is fantastic singer.

Lady Gaga is at the top of her game

She has the highest number of followers on Facebook surpassing Bieber.  Coming to think of it, I have not heard so much of him lately, is that fad about to be phased out for something newer, fresher like Scotty?

Lady Gaga guest edits Metropolis Newspaper Canada


Garden of Eden saw a big one fall

The terminator was a sly fox this whole time he was governor, pretending to be an upright man. He could have gotten off easier as a movie star because people don’t expect much in the way of morality from our stars – they belong to another planet but a political figure that’s different. We expect them the hold up the Bible and thump in vigorously to prove that God exists and will punish those who violate his commandments. My heart goes out to  Maria Shriver who as they say was the last one to know. The wife is always the last. 








Donald Thump defeated even before he entered the race

Trump is no longer a contender for the top job in the USA.


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