Artist addresses plight of poor immigrants

Recently, in Toronto the youths took to the streets marching for the rights of immigrants to be protected. In our fluid world while some tighten borders othersfind ways of scaling these artificial fences in search of greener and safer pastures for their families. We all want the same things; peace and a decent lifestyle and many immigrants are willing to work for it. They are not looking for hand out but circumstances have placed many in precarious living situations and they want out. However, there is a price to pay. This New York immigrant artist is  attempting to depict the lives immigrants lead when they migrate either legally or illegally.. see the slide show then read the article.

Ms. Tania Bruguera (pronounced brew-GAIR-a) has turned the space, a former beauty supply store, into the headquarters for her new advocacy group-cum-art project, Immigrant Movement International, using about $85,000 from Creative Time, a nonprofit arts group, and the Queens Museum of Art.

She seeks to blend politics and art to empower immigrants through English classes, legal help and impromptu performances. She has held workshops to write slogans — like “I am today what your grandparents were yesterday” — that she plans to print on bumper stickers and T-shirts. And she intends to live like her working-class Latino neighbors; she has vowed not to tap her credit cards, personal bank account or assistants in Italy and Cuba.


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