Look to your parents or teachers as role-models not popstar

Rihanna’s decision to follow her former boyfriend on Twitter caused a furor amongst people who see her as “role-model”. What is a role model? According to the dictionary:A person who serves as an example of the values, attitudes, and behaviors associated with a role. For example, a father is a role model for his sons. Role models can also be persons who distinguish themselves in such a way that others admire and want to emulate them. For example, a woman who becomes a successful brain surgeon or airline pilot can be described as a role model for other women.

Really many young people are so wishing they could be like these superstars just for the popularity and not because they want to change the world and they get caught up in a web of lies/imagination they tell themselves that they completely lose sight that these people they look up to are not real, they are usually the imagination of a record producer or public relations specialist. These young women should wake up and look to their parents, or their teachers or their political leaders as role model not some nefarious person they know nothing about but the mirage they see on TV. We are too much into the culture of celebrities and allow ourselves to be offended by their personal individual actions.

Frankly, I think it is laudable of Rihanna to mend relationships with Chris.  They are both young people and have a lot of growing up to do and carrying around grudges in an unforgiving manner would not help. To those who are offended, I say to you get a life. Live the life you have to the fullest and not waste a second on things you can do nothing about. If you care for Rihanna you will wish her well in whatever she chooses to do. She has a mind and she is a Bajan, that girl got brains.

Our heroes and role models are people we can see and touch and interact with.



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