T ‘is True Money does not Make the Man, Neither does a Pin-striped three Piece Suit

IMF Top Honcho Dominique Strauss-Khan charged with attempted rape

Why would a man who could easily buy sex or get any woman he set his mind on commit a crime against a chambermaid at a New York City? The first think investors think about perhaps is what will happen to stocks or any money that this man is involved with and little about the woman.

     Mothers teach your daughters that when things like this happen, it is not about sex but about power and control. It is violence against women. Misogyny.  A chambermaid is not expected to deny a man of such magnitude and importance. No she is expected to kow-tow to such a man and if she refuses then she must pay the consequences. These behaviours are predicated upon the beliefs that women are there for men’s pleasure.  Hello, did someone say that women have already reached the pinnacle of their existence in terms of equality? We have some ways still go and barriers to overcome.  It is men like these who encourage such violence against women as sexual-slavery and trafficking of women because they are ready to buy dominance if they can’t get it freely.

  Generally, these stories are hushed up with bribes and many such incidences never come to life. Thanks for the 32 year old for having the courage to report this matter and to expose it that it does not go under the carpet.  According to reports his violence towards women were well known by people in his circle. The assault of the chambermaid may have been averted if someone had the guts to stand up to  his abuse and demand respect.

Tristane Banon, 31, described Dominique Strauss-Kahn as behaving like a “rutting chimpanzee,” when he allegedly tried to tear off her clothes during an interview in 2002….

  Mr. Strauss-Khan should be immediately stripped of his title and position with the IMF and be barred from running for any political office if proven guilty.

There are reports of a conspiracy theory  which claim that Mr. Strauss-Khan may have been set up  but this only speaks to the kind of man who could be set up.  There are some men who will be caught in these kinds of traps while others will not.  The bait must fit the victim.  Read more



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