Our prayers for Whitney Houston as she recovers from her addictions

Dear Whitney,

You are a precious human being who is loved by many around the world for your talent and your tenacity. As fans we watch you struggle and wish we were there to help you.  Many musicians take their fans sometimes for granted but I know you haven’t and although we might not know you personally, there is a love a universal love that develops out of respect and there is a desire to see good things come your way. When you are down we feel with you and send you positively sweet vibration.

Fans sometimes really genuinely care about musicians we like. Afer all, you’ve given years of some of the best music  on the planet, it would be inhuman not to care about the spirit and humanity of the person.  As a fan you’re i n my prayers. Be strong, be present and know that this  moment you are surrounded by angelic forces and this moment you are whole. Keep that focus and see the results.

Just hang in there and use your mind to overcome your addiction. You’re living in a temple that God imagined for you and it is beautiful and it is divine. You are a divine being and when you recognized and honour your divinity you will find that you no longer need anything to assuage whatever pain you feel. I pray that you continue to following your calling in whatever direction leads you and that your reconnect firmly with the Source of your Being and keep that connect continually clean of any rust.

May God Bless and Keep you within their arms.

Rumours had it that Prince banned Whitney from his show but Prince came out and  said it was a lie and that he will always love Whitney.

Check out Whitney and Chaka Khan on the link



Maiko Watson cut her teeth on Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love”” and Watson has remained a fan of Whitney throughout the years. A singer/songwriter in her own right, Watson has produced her first solo CD “Sweet Vibration in 2009.  Listen to Watson’s music


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