Oprah brought back the Freedom Riders

Watch Oprah’s show a few nights ago brought tears to my eyes.  Those old days were brutal. When we learn that everything we have done and will ever do remains with us. History does not go away but follows upon our heels. Watching those  brave men and women who stood up to injustice and risked their lives ripped my heart open.  Those who endured the cruelty of racists, beaten and bloodied were between the ages of 18 and 28 I believe and they practiced non-violence.  They took the beatings without reaction. Incredible.  Will be heed to the message? Will we let history sway our hearts for the better?  Watch at man’s inhumanity to man in this footage told me that some of us are really incomparable to the wild animals in the jungle.

Watch this, it speaks for itself.

Jim Crow Laws

The year was 1961. John F. Kennedy was sworn in as America’s 35th president, and the Camelot era was, for many, a time of hope and optimism. That same year, the United States put its first man into space, and popular TV shows like Leave It to Beaver and The Andy Griffith Show depicted the all-American life.

But those idyllic images were not reflective of life for many African-Americans, especially in the Deep South. Despite efforts to end segregation, Jim Crow laws still forced black people to use separate water fountains, public restrooms and waiting rooms. And on buses and trains, black citizens were told to sit in the back



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