Dumber Trump racist rags off his head

President Obama should have know that showing his long birth certificate would not please the racists in America, that they would have said it is forged. President Obama would have to resurrect his mother and recreate his birth through some kind of hypnosis or rebirthing delivery to prove he was born in the USA.  That would not satisfy people like Trump because the birth certificate is a mere red herring for “you do not deserve the presidency because you are not a white American”.  That’s all this song and dance is about. Trump should be ashamed of himself. He thinks because he could sell a few properties he can run a country. It take more than a fast talking salesman but real brains sir and I don’t think you have it. I am sick of these outdated, archaic racist ploys.  The earth is one country and mankind its citizens. Let your vision be world-embracing and see people as humans just like you, that the colour of a person’s skin should not be a reason to discount him and try to humiliate him. Barack Obama is the President of the USA and should be respected and deserves respect because he is one of the best presidents that country has and will ever see.

Check out what this young black man has to say on the subject:


Enjoy this presentation  as well



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