Lauryn Hill, 35 mother of five

Could you believe it?  Lauryn Hill, the young woman we all fell in love with in Sister Act II and then followed her meteoric rise to fame with the Fugees  and a solo artist singing such hits as the Miseducation of  Lauryn Hill  which won her numerous awards including five Grammy among others. This hip-hop, R&B artist slipped out of sight just when the public wanted more. The next we heard she gave birth to five children for the late Bob Marley’s son Rohan Marley and she was living the life of a mother to her children. Everyone wanted to know what had become one of the most popular  and also one of the best singers at the time.

The gossip mill had it that she might have had a nervous breakdown but it turns out that Hill is a woman of substance and values. She would not be eaten alive  by the industry and chose to step back when the support she needed for her work was not to her satisfaction.  That takes a lot of guts in this business. I have to hand it to her and have new respect for the artist.

Lauryn Hill is a role model to up and coming artists who would be wise to follow in her footsteps and not sell their souls to the devil.  Foremost in the business is to take care of yourself because no one else would. The people around you generally see $$ signs on an artist such as Hill. A woman with her talent cannot be stopped cannot be compromised unless they agree to it.  Lauryn Hill apparently understood that and marched to her own tune.

Lauryn Hill has chosen Winnipeg as a destination for her second debut tour and there are no shortage of fans in this city who adore her. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many folks and I urge you to get your tickets early if you do not want to be disappointed.


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