Dinosaurs must go!

Cream of the schlep

Yale is supposed to produce the cream of the crop of leaders in America but it may also produce the highest number of sociopath, and socially inept people in the world.  These  are not children yet they behave like children and instead of leading in progressive thinking they are as backward as they come  in areas that really matters – in the way they treat women and other human beings.  Who are these people anyway? People who take their privilege for granted.  I think the world would be better off without the Yale types who let their own self-importance get to their heads. These are the leaders who present a good face but are actually straw men.  Men with no guts and no conscience, those who put down gays but are gays themselves, those who criticize others for using prostitutes when they do the same under the cloak of darkness, those who pretend to be upright citizens but have a dark shadow that hovers over them.

  It is good to see that the good men of Yale like President Obama is taking the Yale men to task and make them accountable for the crimes they commit against women.

… Several of the incidents leading to the investigation against Yale University have become notorious: frat members chanting “no means yes! yes means anal!” and worse outside the Yale Women’s Center. Members of yet another frat standing outside the same center with signs that read “we love Yale sluts.” Emails that ranked incoming freshman women with identifying information (including their residences on campus), based on “how many beers it would take to have sex with them.” And then there was the repeated theft of students’ “Take Back the Night” art projects, decorated t-shirts detailing personal stories of sexual assault.  

 It’s a horrifying pastiche–no less so because these students are allegedly the cream of the crop, perhaps future presidents among them. But the most worrisome stories leading to Title IX investigations and similar controversies on other campuses (and the reason these incidents are more serious in context) are the tales we haven’t heard, the stories of the unnamed victims of campus sexual assaults who felt that the very university structures ostensibly designed to help them in their moment of need did the exact opposite–…

(You might expect this sort of behaviour in the “hood” but it’s clear even though money may take some out of the “hood” you can’t take the hood out of the scoundrels”



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