Celebrities and Mental Health

Does being a pop icon and mental health go together? Recently we have experienced  many celebrity meltdowns that I’m beginning to think that it must be something in the air, the shifting earth, perhaps  impact those who are more sensitive than others and we know how sensitive some celebrities get.  I believe that when people come from nothing and suddenly they are catapulted into fameland with lots of money – that could be quite unsettling to a person’s mental health and especially someone who suffers from low self-esteem. A person like Chris Brown, for example,  who had experienced tough times and witnessed violence against his mother as a young child and his recently loss of face resulting from his violent behaviour towards Rihanna. More recently he stormed off the set during an interview when the reporter brought up his old violent act – well – I would have been mad too but I might have handled it a little differently so as not to give my fans the wrong impression.  What’s wrong with people like Chris Brown – do these people have serious mental health problems which they are refusing to address believing that they can get away with anything because the world loves them? That would be the biggest illusion ever.

      Chris Brown needs to work on his behaviour and seek good therapy to reconfigure himself or he stands to lose what little he had gained over the years.  It also shows that he has not learned from his lesson so why should his fans even bother. Time is passing him by and my suggestion is that he suck it in and seek therapy while he can still afford good therapy.

     Alternet Magazine did a piece on Chris Brown which makes for interesting read, check it out

“Brown, unlike many men in his community, can afford quality, effective, consistent mental health care without crazy-making bureaucratic nonsense. He’s also in a unique position to circumvent the cultural stigma. He may have heard some variety of “black men don’t go to therapy, they go to the barbershop,” but his healing (in theory, at least) is literally court-ordered. His friends, family, community, fans, stans and future romantic partners already know about his anger management and mental health needs.

Unfortunately, Brown is a celebrity. And he seems to believe that celebrity will disappear the  trauma he suffered as a child and the blackout-level violence he committed himself.”



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