A different kind of men

The advertisers have finally gotten to men.  They are as insecure about their body as women have traditionally been. The current research shows that men are getting as many nip and tucks as their female counterparts. They are into buying cosmetics to improve their appearance and frankly they are becoming more like women in every way. Perhaps that is the new evolution where the sexes merge and there is no obvious difference. I don’t know how beneficial that is or would be.  Anyway, I think men becoming as paranoid as women around their physical appearance may  help them to understand women and each other better.  Perhaps once men are caught in the trap of advertisers something would be done about it. Perhaps there may rise up a kind of man who would love and accept a woman for what she is and not try to change her into a picture perfect image  – a creation of some artist’s mind.

While it is hilarious to see men and women in the bedroom talking about the cosmetic products they use and swapping tips on how to conceal this or that, it is a sad commentary on how deep down the rabbit hole we are rushing as fear of getting older or whatever drives us into this bizarre state of affair. Have we been so far removed from what is important in life, from the Source from which we came to which we all will return? More on this later in the meantime check out the article below



2 comments on “A different kind of men

  1. pukirahe says:

    This is the Age of women advancement, so let you be happy that men are imitating you.
    It will be much better when they wisely follow your footsteps in the Service of the Cause of God. See how wonderful are the women of our glorious Age such as:
    Lua Getsinger, May Maxwell, Martha Root, Keith Ransom -Kehler, Susan Moody, Dorothy Baker, Ella Bailey, Clara Dunn, Marion Jack…

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