Cold City just caught on Fire

  • Winnipeg is a city located in the centre of North America and called Turtle Island by the Aboriginal people who first inhabited this land  – Turtle Island means  seat of God or something to that effect.

    ….. the creation of Turtle Island has many versions, but they all have their roots in Manitoba. According to many native cultures, the world began right here, at the Forks. The Exchange District and areas around downtown Winnipeg were sacred to the First People of this nation. The artists hope to tell a modernized version of the story of this sacred place, as it is known by the people who first called this land their home.

    There is a lot of mystery in this city. It is the best city in all of Canada to do a test case for any business – if your new business succeeds here it will succeed anywhere but if it fails, don’t try moving to another city – something is flawed with your plans.  The first Human Rights Museum of Canada is being built as I write this.  Lately it’s been in the news – thanks to new technology and the world is watching and probably wondering where is Winnipeg and what part of the US is Winnipeg.  Winnipeg is very much a part of Canada and it’s on fire.

  • Why don’t you come down here for a visit in the Summer there are many top festivals in July – the largest Folk Festival happens in Birds hill Park, in August the largest cultural festival in North America – Folklorama and our beaches  – Grand Beach which rivals any beach in Hawaii is just an hour away from the city. Winnipeg is blessed as you can see, check out the links below and see what I am talking about – there’s Sheenism, Gagaism and Maikoism member of the first Girl Band in Canada hails from the Pegcity aka Winnipeg  and unfortunately is where 22 year old Tim Mclean’s was beheaded by a pyschotic fellow passenger.

  • Live the Sheen Dream

    A random quote generator from Charlie Sheen’s recent rants and words of wisdom.


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