Piping Hot in the Press Kettle

Beyoncé Blackened

Beyoncé Blackened face poses for  is raising eyelids and questions about the woman’s sensitivity to being black in showbiz.  First of all there are lots of beautiful Black women and models out there,  Why create artificial blackness when there is the real deal available. Beyoncé is like a chameleon, she changes with the environment – she has been whitened, browned and now well cooked. Is this fun being made of black people even now with the consent of our so-called role models? I know Beyoncé has to make a living after all times are tough and she might have to do whatever to make ends meet eh.  If it is to keep clothes on your back, a roof over your head and something extra for your makeup more power to you.  Read what Nia has to say about this?

While some defended the resulting photos as artistic statements, others slammed the photos for yet another use of disturbing imagery by the fashion industry. Over the years, designers and magazines – particularly in Europe – have put white models in blackface or presented dark-skinned black models apart from the rest of their collections featuring white models.



Two enterprising Winnipeggers’ blog  Live the Sheen Dream has  gone viral with more than 13 million hits in two days – the world has gone mad, don’t you think? It’s two for Winnipeg in less than a month – not bad for a small city with less than a million people and thanks to the Web you can be living in a hole in the wall and have millions of people to draw from. Maria Aragon is the 10 year old whos you-tube went viral as well.

Charlie Sheen is the Man of the Hour

Thanks to our obsession with stars with feet of clay, they  hold us in their hands like puppets on a string. He knows how to play the media for his benefit. Aside from the fact that the man has a drinking or drug problem, Sheen is as shrewd as they come. All the nonsense he is spouting on national TV is to make fools of the media and those who would listen and be surprised by his diatribe. This is the classic cat and mouse case, the cat no longer knows whether he is the mouse or the cat.  It’s all the in the name of entertainment. The only problem with this is that it is making all of us stupider by the day because instead of filling our minds with matters of higher consciousness we  keep ourselves busy with the shenanigans of our media darlings whom we love to hate – it’s like therapy for our wretched souls. Way to go Charlie, feed us some more of your fudder.  We have nothing better to do but to pay homage to every word you say because they are wise in our minds because it feeds our national debate.

Charlie Sheen - The Cash Cow


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