Grammy’s Meow

It’s one of my favorite Awards shows because it is generally entertaining. Grammy 2010 did not disappoint.  First off hats  off to the Queen of Soul, Her honor Aretha Franklin. She looked regally fabulous. Now that’s what I am talking about My Lady.  Sometimes it takes a thump on the head from the Reaper to let us start paying attention to our bodies and our health. I am by no means saying that you brought on your illness, I too was scared when I heard that Aretha Franklin had cancer. However, that big C does not have to be so scary, our giant slayers (doctors and those who contribute to research) have taken  a lot of its bite out.  I couldn’t believe it was Aretha, she has lost the weight and now we all have to help you to keep it off so that when you appear on that stage next year, you will blow everyone off.  I love you and care what happens to you because you have given the world a lot of happiness through your incredible music.  Thank you and you are in a field of wellness, take hold of it. Watch the video of the tribute. Fantasia Barrino is a little peeve at being snubbed by the Grammy’s.  She wanted to be part of the tribute to her personal idol.

Congratulations to Canadian Indie band which broke all record to win the coveted title of the night. Whoooa, what a feat – left the big guns, Eminem, Jay-Z, Ms Perry and the rest panting. Well done. See, you don’t have to sell your soul to the devil to win Grammys you can win on your own terms.

Who is Ms Esperanza Spalding? Where did she come from?

Esperanza Spalding


I never heard of her and here she was winning Grammy’s beating out Drake and Bieber. You go girl. I love Drake and Bieber but I think winning Grammy’s need a little more and the Grammy chose correctly in awarding Esperanza the trophy having listened to her music.

Canadian Indie Band Arcade Fire wins big at Grammy's


Justin Bieber and his mentor Usher on Grammy Stage


Drake and Bad girl Rihanna


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