What is wrong with people – Are we all mad

Unhealthy practice

Below is an article on the topic of pets sleeping in the bed and the potential danger such behaviour is to people and perhaps to the animals.  Do we need researchers to waste money on this type of research? This should be common sense. A dog that licks its butt and kiss a human is unhygienic. Animals are prone to certain types of diseases which can and does affect humans. Who knows maybe this is the behaviour that is spreading diseases that are so resistant like cancer, MS and the like. We’re all at risk because these people who practice such unhealthy behaviours are our co-workers, food-servers in restaurants, care-takers in hospitals etc. Animals have a place in our lives and they know their place it is we humans who are confusing them with our pathological neediness.  This is all crazy.  Maybe there needs to be a law to protect silly people from abusing animals and the rest of us in this way and being a threat to the rest of the world. Perhaps animals in house is the cause of the unrelenting spread of bed bugs.


It’s no surprise that pet owners like Mr. Doty seem unconcerned about the study published earlier this month by the C.D.C., in which two California doctors warn that allowing pets to sleep in the bed can be dangerous and can spread zoonoses (pronounced zoh-AN-ee-sees), pathogens that go from animals to people. According to Bruno B. Chomel, a professor at the University of California at Davis, and Ben Sun of the California Department of Public Health, the risks are rare, but real. They cite instances of fleas from cats transmitting bubonic plague and fleas from dogs spreading chagas in South America, with symptoms of mild fever and fatigue. Cat scratch fever is a danger, too, they say, as are various forms of meningitis, Pasturella pneumonia and other infections.


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