Hot in the press Kettle

Halle Berry fights for her child

The family in happier times

According to the latest report Halle Berry has pulled out of a movie deal that would have taken her away to South Africa for 3 months, to give her full attention to defending her right to be the primary custodian of her beautiful daughter and the light in Berry’s eyes. As a mother I can feel her pain. Oh the complications that come with motherhood or parenthood for that matter. Does the father really want the child or does he want to get back at Halle for tossing him out? In any case the child is in the middle and that should never be.  Halle is so into her daughter, a child she prayed for all these years.  I know Gabriel loves his daughter too and his alleged concern about raising his daughter in the hell house of Hollywood is well understandable but he and Halle could come to a decision as to the best place to raise their child. If he really cares for his daughter he will do what is best for her and for now the best place is to leave her with her mother, I think.

Oprah’s Vegan trip – Are you on

Oprah and a bunch of her staff  have a new appreciation for where their meat comes from? Didn’t they know it came from the slaughter-house?  However you look at it animals are killed to feed us?  Is that wrong? No.  If we cannot use any part of the animal, if their lives is to be meaningful they have to be eaten, if not why raise animals. Let them go free and take over the earth.  I believe if we deny the animals the role of using their bodies to keep us alive, they we will be insulting them.  They are part of the food chain as are we when we die. Worms feed on us and they feed the plants and the plants feed us and the animals and so it goes on and on – nothing is lost.  I like the Muslim and the Jewish ways of honouring the animals as they are killed. Thank them for giving us their energy and so we become one with them.  The most recent avatar, Bahaullah has said that while our future food will be grains and vegetable, that at present we are not there yet and meat is acceptable.  Check out  the videos below for more info

Can the magic of Dallas work again?

There is no question, Dallas was one of the most popular shows in the  80’s. Everyone loved to hate JR Ewing and his ruthless business etiquette and we all tuned in to see what JR was up do. There is move afoot to bring back the major casts for a pilot which includes Larry Hagman returning as J.R. Ewing, Linda Gray as his wife Sue Ellen Ewing, and Patrick Duffy will be back as J.R.’s younger brother Bobby. The modern story of Dallas will focus on the Ewing offspring – J.R. Ewing’s son, John Ross, and the adopted son of Bobby and Pam Ewing, Christopher – as they clash over the future of the family dynasty – maybe it will work again. We’ll have to wait and see.

Domino Effect in the Middle-east

Those Middle-east leaders who have been sitting high on the hog and filling their cheeks with meat and rice while their people scramble in the garbage heap for food are having their day. of reckoning.   It’s as if a volcano has erupted in  ordinary people of the Middle east who realize  that they have more power together and they can make positive changes that affect their lives. It’s about time. This is the tipping point and Mubarak has to go. The people have lost hope in his leadership and I think he should do the right thing.  One thing I know for sure that is good about America is the policy that a president can not serve more than two terms.  It works and gives people hope that things will change. I think democracies all over the world should follow this principle if they want stable governments and stable economies. It’s the only way, in this modern age. Pandora’s box is open – thanks to the internet and modern technology.  Saudi Arabia, look out!


High Cholesterol is bad  – Tips to control it

While there isn’t one miracle food to solve high cholesterol, bodies such as Health Canada and the Mayo Clinic have some good basic suggestions, such as:

  • Having a cup and a half of oatmeal for breakfast regularly (it boosts soluble fibre, which reduces low-density lipoprotein, a.k.a. “bad” cholesterol).
  • If you consume dairy, swapping high-fat for low-fat or skim products (e.g. milk, cheese, yogurt).
  • Snacking on unsalted, unsugared walnuts, almonds and brazil nuts to keep blood vessels healthy – although keeping portions to about a handful, since they’re high in calories.
  • Eating reduced portions of meat (size: a deck of cards) and choosing poultry, fish and leaner cuts to reduce consumption of saturated fats.
  • Cook with olive oil (again, small amounts should do just fine).
  • Avoid processed foods — e.g. store-bought cookies, crackers, cakes and baked goods that are often high in “bad cholesterol-raising” trans-fats.

And, as always, boosting the role of fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains in your overall diet apparently does a body good.  (CBC Canada)

Happy Black History Month

Let’s use the memory of the evils of Black History in America to fight the evils of Human Trafficking and modern-day slavery.  As Harriet Tubman said “none of us is free until all of us is free”. It is true.  For information about black history check the link below.


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