Scared to death of an ancient disease

According to research, cancer is not a modern disease, it has been around since time immemorial. I guess what is new is just naming of a disease that had no name in the past. Diseases I believe are part of the human condition and we cannot escape it. We are unique individuals and some disease that affect one person in a certain way might not affect another in the same way. However, our modern scientific gurus have done everything to kill us themselves by the frightening pictures they paint about diseases.  The professionals and researchers have scared us into shedding our shirts to raise funds to cure  diseases for which there could never be a cure because we are humans and tumors are just part of the picture.  Just as we cannot stop children with disabilities from being born, no matter what we do (unless of course we abort all children with spotted disabilities and even then some would get through), because we are human and the workings of our bodies are a mystery to us all including the brightest scientists out there. We have to work with what we have and live our lives to the fullest each and every day.

     Could it be that our thoughts about the diseases we get are what kill us. If when diagnosed with say cancer, we accept it for what it is and focus on living rather than preparing for death? Could it be that fears and resolutions produce more of what we fear and the fear of early death becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

I was listening to Wayne Dyer tape and in one of them he relayed a story told to him by Deepak Chopra whose friend, an Internist, died shortly after a spot on his lungs was discovered. It turned out that the spot had been on his lungs forever. It is believed that this man gave up as soon as the spot was found, he interpreted that as a death sentence.

So, take care of yourself, most of all be happy and try to lead a stress free life and let nature do the rest.  What we fear most of all are the things and people we attach ourselves to. Perhaps if we live a more detached life, being present in the moments and doing the best we can, we might live longer with less fears.  When we fear less we live longer.

Trying to Estimate Cancer Rates in Ancient Times –


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