Dont be spoiled brats – stick with your leader Democrats

Stick with Obama’s plan you guys, he has the American people at heart. Yes, it’s not a perfect deal but so is the world. Nothing is perfect and to live, thrive and survive we must make compromises. The American people have spoken in the last election and they have dictated that they want the Republican to have a stronger voice and Obama must respect that because it’s the people that put him in the White House. He cannot become a dictator and make all the choices without the public input. If things go awry, the people will have to take some of the blame. Those who oppose Obama’s are short-sighted and arrogant and have not learned the lesson of the past election. I urge them to humble themselves and listen to the American people and stick by a leader who is wiser than most of the rest put together.

In Obama Tax Plan, Boost for Job Creation – David Leonhardt –


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