A great woman has gone on to a higher calling

The world embraced Elizabeth Edwards tightly when they learned she had cancer while campaigning with her then beloved, charismatic husband, Edwards, they hugged her tighter when they learned that in spite of her illness and her devotion that her husband had betrayed her with another woman who bore him a child. How could he do that to a sick woman who devoted her last strength to  help him achieve his dream.  It seemed heartless, but we cannot judge Senator John Edwards, only he knew what drove him to that, could be the fear he himself had of losing the woman he loved or a moment of insanity, mid-life crisis. It’s really not for us to judge.  The world however reacted against him. You do not do that to a sick woman with the big C.
Elizabeth has left the world but her teachings will continue. She has taught us a lot about grace, resilience, determination and acceptance.  She talked about her fears of not being there for her children. In that deep love we bear for our children and their welfare, every parent can relate to. She wanted 8 years and the Lord gave her six, not bad. I am sure she packed a lot into those years that would see her children through the rough times. What a great woman.  She is one of those people who has left the world a better place.  Condolences to her family especially her children. May God watch over them with abundant love.

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