Deathrow apology

Murder’s repentance on deathrow. He is sorry for what he did but at the time he committed the murders he was a monster that he did not know. Just who are we, who are you? Really, have you ever asked yourself the question, who are you aside from the work you do and the roles you play in the drama of life? Perhaps if we asked ourselves the question more often we might see what’s coming down the pipe and may stop acting before it is too late.

Cheshire Killer Steven Hayes Talks at Sentencing –

“I destroyed innocent lives,” Mr. Hayes said, “and took away a family, a family of very good people.”

Mr. Hayes said he was tormented by what he had done and deeply sorry, though he described himself on the day in July 2007 when he committed rape and murder in a home invasion with another parolee as “an angry monster I had never known.”


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