The Tele-Evangelists Don Juans in cloaks

Dec. 1: Rachel Maddow helps viewers distinguish scandalized televangelists
This is an interesting investigative report by Rachel Maddow. The do as I say but dont do as I do evangelist are some of the most inflential on TV. These men lived the good live, preached every Sunday and then went about their lives like ordinary men who sin at will.
    Why do we need priest to tell us what the Bible or religious books say. Bahaullah, the most recent Messenger of God says that there is no need for priest and clergy.Mankind has enough intelligence to be able to read and understand the text for ourselves.  We will be judged by the level of our understanding. When you let others do the reading for you, this is what you can get. You get disappointed because you put these people up on a pedastal. They stand on pulpits and each week they chastise all the sinners out there scarcing people to send money to continue their high life with the promise of a piece of heaven. Good God people wake up, open your eyes and see how you are being hoodwinked out of your money and your soul.
   Listen to the video and see if you can understand what these men were thinking.

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