Civil War Anniversary Ignores Slavery

Time has a way of dulling the senses of those who have committed wrongs against another but for the victims, time appears to sharpen their sense of right and wrong.

Secession Defended on Civil War Anniversary –

“That some — even now — are honoring secession, with barely a nod to the role of slavery, underscores how divisive a topic the war remains, with Americans continuing to debate its causes, its meaning and its legacy.

“We in the South, who have been kicked around for an awfully long time and are accused of being racist, we would just like the truth to be known,” said Michael Givens, commander-in-chief of the Sons, explaining the reason for the television ads. While there were many causes of the war, he said, “our people were only fighting to protect themselves from an invasion and for their independence.””


What is needed now is vigilance to ensure that the hard-won freedoms of American people, black and whites are maintained and promoted. sometimes, it is good to put the burdens of the past aside and look to new horizons.  We have all been and seen and those who have suffered never want to return to that white space of slavery and dehumanization.  Nothing can ever erase what has happened. We cannot change the past but we can affect the future and the present. Keep the focus on now. What do we need to do now to forge ahead to a glorious future. We need to ensure that children are fed properly, educated to think for themselves and to understand that no one is free until we all are free, that there can be no peace in being rich until we all have enough, that we can never know how smart we are until we give everyone a chance to compete, how successful we are until we are faced with the best in our field.  All this means that to be fully human we all have to be the best we can we and we can only be that when we want the best for all.


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