Illegal, Alien, Outsiders, Non-human

The evolution of Illegal.  There is an interesting video in this article.  It is about how people who hate would use any means to continue their hatred of anything that is different. The title of this article is instructive. How can any human being become illegal?  Who owns the world? Doesn’t the world belong to all human beings. Just because some grab pieces of our world and put up a flag on it does not mean they own what God, the Creator of the Universe have provided for all of us. If we lived in a more equitable universe where we took care of each other according to his or her needs and prohibit people from accumulating resources because of greed – resources that they or their families cannot use up in one life time – there will be no shortage, people will be happy wherever they are and they will be well fed and taken care of. We are screwed up, and as a human species, we need to return to our roots and live and let live.  There is room and food for all of us if we take what we need and leave the rest for someone else.
We are all flesh and blood and we all will leave what we have fought to hoard up.  If there is room, welcome the stranger, that is humanity.  Welcome those who need food, water and shelter. It is here for all of us.
It’s time for human evolution that what we indeed are – spirit having a human experience. All the things that we feel we need, we don’t.  As one writer puts it, to think we need more than we need, to be afraid that there will not be enough for tomorrow is a meme – virus of the mind.

2 comments on “Illegal, Alien, Outsiders, Non-human

  1. pukirahe says:

    Right, nobody is possessor of anything in the worlds of God. Those who claim so are truly poor, because God creates all things visible and invisible, known and not-yet-known, for mankind, who are all His dearly loved children. See, how rich is a pure soul!
    He who holds some possessions today will lose them all tomorrow. The truly wealthy person is she who does the will of God.

  2. Leguanite says:

    Exactly, totally.

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