Bogus doctor cons women at a nightclub

In Salmon Idaho a man or woman – gender confusion here – felt up the breasts of at least two  women  at Boise area nightclubs pretending to be a plastic surgeon named Berlyn Aussieahshowna (cute name to booth) and charged hefty fees on top of that.  This is like taking candy from a baby – how stupid are we Americans becoming – too much fast food eh?  Well I’ll be dammed!

   The guy or gal introduced himself to the women in the bar and provided them with referrals to a real clinic. That’s his mistake – he was busted when alarm bells went off after sevral women   were calling in to confirm appointments with this strangely-named doctor.

This fake doctor had previous records with the law under the name of Kristopher Jon Ross. He is also known as Kristina Ross depending on which disguise he chooses on a particular day.

 He is eligible for public defender.


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