And the children shall lead them

Perhaps Obama’s problem is communication. He may be the kind of guy who does not like to boast about his accomplishments but some young folks think that he ought to be credited for the hard work he has done in such a short time. Is he our modern-day MOSES!

Suggestions for the president: – Increase funding for Alzheimer’s research, develop a pill for amnesia and stop feeding Americans fast food pap it is bad for memory and expectations. Americans are becoming the dullest people on the planet for goodness sake – do something.

This site is long overdue. It was created and researched by three university kids. Who after hearing continuously in the press, and from the talking heads on TV, that the Obama Administration and Congress has a problem communicating its numerous accomplishments to the general public, decided to act.  A failure to communicate which allowed the Republicans to define the President and Democratic Congress in a negative light. Ultimately leading to the midterm election results. It’s an amazing list of accomplishments. And to think it was achieved in just eighteen months. If only the professional political establishment had the creativity of our youth…the election results may have been different.

 Signed the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Act, the first piece of comprehensive legislation aimed at improving the lives of Americans living with paralysis

Developed stimulus package, which includes approx. $18 billion for nondefense scientific research and development

Signed the Weapons Systems Acquisition Reform Act to stop fraud and wasteful spending in the defense procurement and contracting system

Issued executive order to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay 

Ended Bush administration’s CIA program of ‘enhanced interrogation methods’ by requiring that the Army field manual be used as the guide for terrorism interrogations 

Increased minority access to capital 

Established Credit Card Bill of Rights, preventing credit card companies from imposing arbitrary rate increases on customers 

Health Care Reform Bill, preventing insurance companies from denying insurance because of a pre-existing condition 

Health Care Reform Bill, allowing children to remain covered by their parents’ insurance until the age of 26 

Tax cuts for up to 3.5 million small businesses to help pay for employee health care coverage 

Tax credits for up to 29 million individuals to help pay for health insurance

Expansion of Medicaid to all individuals under age 65 with incomes up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level 

Require health insurance plans to disclose how much of the premium actually goes to patient care 

Added 4.6 billion USD to the Veterans Administration budget to recruit and retain more mental health professionals 

Significantly increased funding for the Violence Against Women Act 

Lifted restrictions granting Cuban Americans unrestricted rights to visit family and send remittances to the island 

Eliminated subsidies to private lender middlemen of student loans and protect student borrowers 

Increased funding for national parks and forests by 10%

 Significantly expanded Pell grants, which help low-income students pay for college 

Expanded hate crime law in the US to include sexual orientation through the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act 

Provided stimulus funding to boost private sector spaceflight programs

Signed financial reform law establishing a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to look out for the interests of everyday Americans

Signed financial reform law prohibiting banks from engaging in proprietary trading (trading the bank’s own money to turn a profit, often in conflict with their customers’ interests) 

Cut prescription drug cost for medicare recipients by 50% 

Appointed first Latina to the US Supreme Court 

Provided travel expenses to families of fallen soldiers to be on hand when the body arrives at Dover AFB


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