Baha’i Faith from fledging faith to World Religion

How the Baha’i faith was transformed from a fledging to a World Religion. Check out this article for an interesting, thought-provoking journey.  Even though many may not have heard about this world religion, its impact in the world is most significant. The language used in everyday parlance to talk about oneness emanated in part from the Baha’i influence, phrases like “The world is one country”, unity in diversity, waves of one sea and other metaphors I had never heard said in that way until I came upon this faith.   Check out the article:

3 comments on “Baha’i Faith from fledging faith to World Religion

  1. pukirahe says:

    I really love this blog. You have done a very good job that brings joy to my heart. You have accomplished so many things that I earnestly wished to do , but I didn’t have knowledge about blogging and writing to realize them. Thanks, lots of thanks.

  2. Leguanite says:

    Thank you very much for your comment. I read some books about Abdul Baha and he sounds and felt like a warm blanket that protects his loved ones which is all of us. He was quite a remarkable man and accomplished a lot even during his advanced age – trying to bring unity to mankind. His message is very relevant today.

  3. diablo3 says:

    Awesome blog keep up the good work! Really appreciate that people are making these blogs!! Very educative!

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