Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei Should be charged with murder

What Molly Wei and Dharun Ravi did is horrible.  What were they thinking?  Were they trying to embarrass Tyler Clementi or push him over the edge?  Well they have succeeded in pushing him over the edge. In my view this is a hate crime and should be punished as such. 

What is the matter with us people, we have gone publicity crazy. Someone needs to put a reign on this nonsense. People are using video cameras and social networking sites as weapons of destruction of people and even nations. 

Should we hold the networking sites more accountable for what they allow to be posted.  I think people are pushing the envelopes too far to the extremes and this has got to stop.

Clementi is not an isolated case. Hatemongers, homophobes and people who hate other races and people from other religions are using the weapon of social-networking sites and the internet to bully and harass.

The invasion of Clementi’s privacy is another matter. How dare Ravi and Wei to think that they can just barge into someone’s  private sphere and photograph them in private acts then proceed to pose these private acts for the world to see, how dare these peeping toms to do so?

The government ought to send a strong message that Americans will not tolerate invasion of privacy in this way and the promulgation of  hate messages.

It is an act that has push us back yet another step on the road to equality, human rights, and diversity.  My heart goes out to the parents, brothers, sisters, close friends and relatives and to all those people who gays or lesbians among us.  For them this must be sobering and again they must question themselves whether they come out of the closet or not.  There should be no question, we are one, we are people and we are different. To survive as a race we must accept that difference is good and not a bad thing and we must embrace it.  There is enough room in the world for all of us.

Sometimes when people go to such lengths to dehumanize the other, what they are trying todo is exorcize the part of them that they hate, the part of them that their victim reminds them of and these two criminals Wei and Dharun might themselves be struggling with their own homosexual tendencies.   This you tube video is instructive: check it out – it is talking about privacy and the dangers of invading other people’s privacy because once you post something on the internet you cannot take it back. Think before you act… stupid!

YouTube – Gay student secretly taped having sex commits suicide.

Tyler Clementi, a Rutgers University freshman and a gifted violinist, walked onto the George Washington Bridge and jumped over the edge into the Hudson River. Authorities said his roommate had streamed a live Internet feed of Clementi’s encounter with another man in their dormitory room. Clementi’s body was identified Thursday.

The suicide illustrates yet again the Internet’s alarming potential as a means of tormenting others and raises questions about privacy in the age of Twitter and Facebook.

Cruel gossip and vengeful acts once confined to the schoolyard or the dorm can now make their way around the world instantly via the Internet, along with photos and live video.

“It’s just a matter of when the next suicide’s going to hit, when the next attack’s going to hit,” said Parry Aftab, a New Jersey lawyer who runs the website WiredSafety.

At the Rutgers campus in Piscataway, N.J., where Clementi, 18, shared a cramped room with Dharun Ravi, students mourned their classmate Thursday, and some questioned the accusations against Ravi and another freshman, Molly Wei. The two, both 18 and from New Jersey, have each been charged with invasion of privacy for using “the camera to view and transmit a live image” of Clementi.

Read more: http://www.kansascity.com/2010/09/30/2265238/suicide-highlights-torment-of.html#ixzz117PQ8jo3


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