Americans need to be patient – Fixing a broken economy is not like fixing Mac and Fries

I am sick and tired of the whining middle class in America and blaming President Obama for the failings of George Bush and the  Republicans who spent 8 years digging America into a deep hole.  It will take half that time to rise to the surface again. Americans need patience. They ought to know they’re not all that powerful and they have to eat humble pie like the rest of the world. Obama is doing his level best but with all the stalemating of the Republican Party that is still trying to fool the people in America that they have a plan, President Obama and the Democrats have to struggle for every single gain they make in the interest of all Americans.

   It is good for people in America to experience poverty and hardship.  They’ve had it too good for a long time and perhaps they will learn to live within their means and not reach for everything bigger and better.  They should return to truth.  As Suzie Orman advises all the time, Americans should stop lying by living beyond their means on credit card. Instead, they should read about the sacrifices of their fore parents and their lives will seem like apple pie.   Be patient with the President. He is a smart guy, the smartest the White House has seen for a long time.  He will deliver but he has to first get rid of the debris left by the previous administration.

Op-Ed Columnist – The New American Normal –


One comment on “Americans need to be patient – Fixing a broken economy is not like fixing Mac and Fries

  1. Alan says:

    Hahaha, you have got to be kidding. That was funny.

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