The Brightest Stars in the Universe 1

Today I bring you one of the brightest stars, the youthful founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. He is prepared to give $100 million towards helping those less fortunate than himself to succeed in a competitive world.

Even though critics says that this donation is self-serving, the fact that the money is going to be there for a good cause is enough cause for celebration. If more could do the same the world might be just a little better.  There are those who has the knack to make money and those who just want to be average joes and marys taking care of grassroots situations.  It is those who will be helped by the generosity of billionaires. Forget about those big charities who take most of the donated money to prop up their bricks and mortars and highfalutin lifestyles.  Education is one of the most important gifts we can given to the underprivileged people in society. It is a gift that no one can take away from them and with which they can make their own dreams come true, so good on Mark and his colleagues for donating to a worthy cause. 

Facebook Founder to Donate $100 Million Keen Observers


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