In Afghanistan they turn girls into boys

girl posing as a boy in white with her two sisters

While in north america we frown upon cross-dressing, in some countries, this is a useful tool of disguise. Afghanistan is one such country. It demonstrates how inequality in the world is doubly wreaking havoc on the lives of girls.  In Afghanistan, boys are prized. They are prized because they get the plum, they inherit, they are to take care of families and they are the pride and the one sanctioned to carry out responsibilities of family after father has passed on. Girls are there to make children and are not valued as much.  So, what do parents do to have the ultimate boy when nature does not bless them with any. They turn one of their girls into boys by dressing them up as boys.  Imagine what this can do to those girls emotionally. So, it’s like a double whammy for girls inequality. 


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