Simmering in the Press Kettle

Forty-seven-year old, George Michael, what were you thinking? A grown man like you driving while under the influence of cannabis. You could have killed somebody.  For such a silly mistake you deserve your 8 weeks in the British Jail. Hope you never do that again.  This is no way for a role model to behave!


John Mayer ditches his millions of twitter fans for the road

Sorry little people, your friendship on twitter does not translated into record sales. The man has to eat so he has to do what men do, go out and bring home to bacon. He has to go hunting for food y’all.

Kanye West was Red Hot  last night at the

Lady Gaga did not disappoint with her meaty performance and hat trick pidgeon MTV Awards Show. She was the show man.  Lady, I think you’ve gone over the coo coo’s nest this time.  You are amazing.  If only there was a barbecue grill nearby.  I think the PETA people do not have a sense of humour.


OPrah’s Mayhem

It was mayhem on Oprah as 300 people learned they were going with her down under for a week. What will Oprah do next? This woman is unstoppable and I love her for it. You go girl – the more you share the more you will grow.

That tribute by James Taylor was something else. It even had me crying. What a fabulous singer/songwriter. They don’t make em like that anymore.

IRANIANS are becoming scared of their own shadows – they must have a lot of enemies to be scared off by three youngsters who were only trying to have a great time and got lost. Come on guys lighten up, let the children go.

Ryan’s in love

Are they going to stop making those gay jokes to Ryan Seacrest now that he is in love with a WOMAN? Hope so.


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