Bubbling in the Press Kettle 2010

Goodbye to Rich Cronin who was called home at the tender age of 35. Luckily he got to do what he loved to do singing.   He suffered from Leukemia for a while.






Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson’s father, finally admitted to spanking Michael and the other children. But I have to agree with Joe, it’s was not something so out of the ordinary. It was what people did back then. They beat their kids to keep them in line.  However there is a difference between beating and abusing.  It does not matter how you do it, some children are not meant to be beaten and they are traumatised no matter how innocuous it might appear. Michael Jackson was one of those tender souls.

There were no surprises on America’s Got Talent, four of the strongest performers sailed through to the finalists.  It’s hard to predict who will win. There are obviously two strong singers and two strong acts. My favourite and the one I will be routing for is Michael Grimm. He is an incredible performer with a voice to die for. I also does not want him to disappoint his grandparents.  He wants to do something nice for them and I hope he gets the opportunity to do so. I am sure he has already done something more than money can buy, made them so proud of him being on TV and all.   Jackie Evancho has the voice of an angel and with or without a win she is destined to star. She is wonderful but has some time to shine. Grimm is getting up there.  I hope America takes these things into consideration.

Anna could not conceal her tear of disappointment for falling down during the performance last evening. They were trying out something new but she got up and finished the dance. Good job – you go girl.

YouTube – Anna Falls in Top 10 Performance on America’s Got Talent

Will and Jada’s 9-year-old daughter, Willow Smith, is making her debut as a recording artist. She has signed a deal with Jay-Zs label, Roc Nation.Her first song was released this week. It’s called Whip My Hair. Jay-Z says it’s rare to find an artist with such talent and creativity at Willow’s age.  She is following in dad’s footsteps eh!


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