Sad Day in Louisiana for Drowing Deaths

BBC News – Why don’t black Americans swim?

 This should be a wake-up call for new immigrants in Winnipeg.  There are opportunities in Canada for newcomers and under-privileged people to learn to swim. Take advantage of this privilege that the community offers.  I have to say it, Winnipeg is one of the best and caring communities ever.

   The Immigrant Women’s Association of Manitoba, Inc. with the help of provincial funding and partnership with the YM-YWCA used to sponsor free-swimming lessons for  newcomer children and their parents. This program was quite successful. Many of the young people later became coaches, helping the younger ones in the pool. It is for this same reason, to save lives that IWAM thought of this program. It was a pro-active move. The program was later taken over by another agency. I’m sure there are programs abound in Winnipeg to facilitate swimming for everyone. We are living in water country and children are attracted to water like duck. I thank the people of Winnipeg who help those who cannot swim to learn to swim. It can save lives.

    It is heart-rending reading the story of the six boys who tried to help each other and all ended in the same place, under the water. This could have been avoided. I am afraid the aftermath of racism and discrimination percolates long after we believe things are better now.


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