The Tigers have parted ways

Unlike most people who believe the marriage ended because Tiger Woods was unfaithful  I believe that the love between these two people was over a long time before Tiger’s cheating.  When people truly love each other, they are willing to give it a shot in spite of the difficulties. If Hilary Clinton had given up on her husband Bill, they wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the wonderful relationship they now share. People are not perfect.  We are flawed and we all have issues. We choose partners to help us grow and be better people but our egos and worrying about what others are going to say become obstacles in our lifes. Sometimes we allow people who have no business in our relationship  cheatus and our children out of a better life.

I don’t know all of the issues but I am sure we will hear some of it in the certain book deal that will follow in the near future. What really happened in this marriage? We know Tiger Woods loved women and it is difficult for men of his stature to stick to one sexual partner.   Being an alpha male with money to burn, women naturally gravitate to him and saying  no to the multitude of women who throw themselves at in like Tiger becomes difficult over time.  He succumbed to his own sense of  power in a naieve way I might add.  I believe Elin should have stuck by him and work on  their marriage i.e. if they still loved each other.

I am sorry to see their marriage end especially for the children.  It did not need to end. He took steps to be a better person and perhaps they could have forgotten about public opinion and stick it out. Anyway that’s just the way I see it. Good luck to both of them.


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