Betty White Won Her Sixth Emmy Award

Betty White, the veteran actress-comedian whose career spans more than 70 years, added her sixth Emmy Award to her trophy cabinet late Saturday at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

Betty White is hailed as an inspiration and role model to older and younger actresses as he rathet up more awards, more roles and more laughs in the second debut of Betty White.  For  an 80 plus year old she is rocking and it just goes to show that we should not allow anyone to define and limit us because of age. We should go on living, producing, having fun until the day we can do it anymore.

We all have something to contribute if only we are given a chance but sometimes the people who are at the deciding end think they know best and focus the public’s attention on the young and sexy as if there isn’t enough testosterone scents around. The entertainment industry needs more creative work than pushing sex at us to disguise their creative bankruptcy. There are a lot of returns to the movies, The Fockers, Nanny McPhee and the rest.

Theatre and movies are about reflecting society and when they leave out vital parts of it they must run into trouble. I hope they have learned a lesson in Betty White.  You do not edit people and their experiences out of public sphere but include them and we will all benefit from more quality entertainment that the whole family can enjoy more often.

The opportunity she had to be featured on the show was as a result of Face book friends of whom she was unaware.

In fact on the show Betty white said she had never heard of Face book before and pooped pooped Face book as an important means of connecting with friends. White said that for her to connect with long-lost friends she would need the help of  a weegie board. Of course she was joking. White was grateful for those who took the time to promote her. Thanks to you Face book people for being a cheerleader who brought anew lease on life to a wonderful actress.
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